Spend your holidays in the UK

Spend your holidays in the UK

The UK has plenty of options to choose from, whether it’s a weekend break or your main holiday of the year: from cities to national parks, beaches to the countryside and even islands to escape to. Next to this you can choose from hotels, cottages, and holiday parks to create your perfect UK holiday.

Why is the UK such a perfect destination?

The UK might not be famous to have the best weather in the world, but it does have some of the most iconic, gorgeous and vibrant places to see.

And a little bit of wind or some raindrops never puts us off from getting out and about to see what this country has to offer. The UK is packed with great national parks, inspiring cities and seaside resorts… To sum up, there is something for everyone.

Discover the beauty of the Lake District, Peak District or the Yorkshire Dales in the north of England, the bleak expanse of Dartmoor or Exmoor in the West Country, Snowdonia or the Pembrokeshire Coast in Wales, the Norfolk Broads, Cotswolds, South Downs or New Forest in the south, or the Cairngorms or Loch Lomond and the Trossachs in bonny Scotland. Put on your outdoor outfit and explore the amazing views.



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Next to this, the UK invests a lot in renovating the cities during the past couple of years. For example, old industrial areas have been turned into leisure and living quarters.

With London the most visited city due to its iconic name as a leading world city, there is always something to see and do – from shopping to entertainment, history to art and architecture and, of course, sporting events year round.

In England, you should definitely go and visit cities such as Birmingham, Liverpool, Bristol, Newcastle, Bath and Leeds. Glasgow and Edinburgh need to be on top of your to-see-list in Scotland, and Cardiff is well worth a visit in Wales. And since Belfast now has its very own Titanic Museum, there is much to see and do in the Northern Irish capital. It is also worth visiting historic cities such as York, Chester and Canterbury.

Oh and of course…let’s not forget our magnificent coastline. Here you’ll find traditional beach cities such as Brighton, Bournemouth and Blackpool to enjoy fish and chips and time on the sands. Just a couple of minutes driving from those cities you’ll find wonderful beaches, coastal walks and cliffs, and views out to sea from our island nation.

The perfect place to sleep in the UK

With all types of hotel on offer, where are the hotel deals in the UK?

A great way to explore the UK is to book one of the many hotels on offer. There are lots and lots of possibilities… more than 25,000 hotels and bed & breakfasts here in the UK.

In the large cities you will find of course all the major hotel brands. In addition, there are many small family-owned hotels and guesthouses on offer. Visit England uses the official star ratings system and since a couple of years this has been adopted across the country, so you can compare the ratings for each hotel you are interested in. Stars are awarded on a range of things from facilities to services on offer.



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Match your budget available to book everything from a simple room for the night to a room in a converted castle or country house. Or book a room for its pure functionality, free parking and location, or pass your holidays in the lap of luxury with personal and exquisite service.

As we mentioned already, the most popular destinations for hotels are in London, Edinburgh, York, Chester, Bath, Brighton and Blackpool and in the other big UK cities such as Manchester, Birmingham and Liverpool, plus scenic areas such as the Lake District.

Country cottages 

A great way to take a UK holiday is to rent a cottage for a few days or even longer – By the way, a must see movie during the Christmas season is “The Holiday” starring Jude Law, Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz.



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There are so many advantages of booking a country cottage: you will have your very own place in the countryside as a base to discover the surrounding regions or just somewhere to lock yourself in and escape from the world. You have the convenience of self-catering, can choose a property size to suit you – whether you’re a couple wanting to go on a romantic weekend or a large family or group of friends – and many even accept dogs, so that you can all get away for a break.

There are lots of locations to consider since these types of cottages are located in all of the major national parks, as well as many coastal areas. Some of the most popular cottages are located in Devon and Cornwall, with easy access to beautiful beaches and stunning scenery. The Lake District is also high on the wish list for many, with the opportunity to explore many lakes and climb the hills and mountains of this wonderful area before passing by a cosy warm pub for some great food and drinks.

Cottages come in all shapes and sizes, from nostalgic stone built, through to modern conversions of light houses and farm buildings. You can find something packed with character or something simpler for your activity-based holiday.


Holiday parks – great for families

If you are looking for a great experience for less money, you can always opt for a holiday park in the UK.

Nowadays these holiday parks have transformed into modern, exciting places to take the family for a short break or holiday.

They can include games centres, TV style entertainment, a wide range of restaurants, spas, and modern bedrooms with all of the latest gadgets and conveniences. Many have now been updated to match any hotel and are on offer at affordable rates for both self-catering and hotel and board options.

You will most likely find holiday parks in hotel style complexes through to forest lodges, beach-side chalets, and caravans offering a wide range of accommodation style and price bracket. We recommend to compare parks since each of them has its own character and activities.



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