Starbucks to offer App Based Orders

Starbucks to offer App Based Orders

Starbucks announced this week that it is to offer orders via a new app – for now just in Portland, Oregon and later the rest of the U.S. in 2015. As you’d expect, it’s fairly straight-forward – you choose your drink in the App menu, send the order (and pay via your phone) and the current claim is that you can collect your drinks within 5 minutes of sending the order.

It seems a logical step in m-commerce and app usage and makes complete sense. The business case presented is about saving time at the counter, and this would clearly reduce lengthy queues. It isn’t yet clear though who’ll get barista priority though – the instore queue or the app orders – or whether there’ll be a dedicated barista. The test period is likely to work these details out over time.

For the savvy customer, this could be a good way to bag your comfy seats during busy periods before making your order when you are already in-store, and if you have one of those names that nobody can spell, it eliminates the sometimes tedious explanation of your name – or worse, when you don’t like the barista shouting out the embarrassing name that your parents gave you…




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