The CallmeSavvy Guide To Travel Insurance: Family Insurance

The CallmeSavvy Guide To Travel Insurance: Family Insurance

As part of our guide to travel insurance we’ll be taking a look at family specific policies.


What Are The Benefits Of Family Specific Insurance?

Aside from the key benefits of travel insurance such as medical costs and even repatriation should you fall ill, family policies can also offer;

  • Cancellation cover should you not be able to travel
  • Baggage & travel money cover
  • Documentation cover such as passports
  • Public Liability for any accidents
  • Personal assistance from the UK by phone
  • Missed departure cover
  • Travel delay cover

For ultimate cover, look out for catastrophe cover for events such as earthquakes & flooding. If you book your holiday as separate parts (as opposed to a package) then also consider supplier failure cover should any of the providers go out of business before or during your trip.


Single Trip or Annual Cover?

This really depends on how often you intend to travel in a given year. If you plan to travel more than two times in the next 12 months then it pays to get annual cover. Bear in mind that a few nights away in the UK can also count as a trip so consider this in your calculations. It also provides better peace of mind once you are covered for the year.

Look out for maximum trip length though as well as additional premiums for winter sports. Remember to that the renewal date is important but don’t just auto renew as there’ll likely be a good deal around somewhere.

All policies will be sold as UK, Europe or Worldwide with various inclusions and exclusions for both so check these carefully before choosing.


Who Can Use A Family Policy?

Anyone who is a parent with children living at their address can apply for a family policy. Cover can be available either for one or both parents and children, normally up to the age of 18 although some extend this to 22 so check carefully before you buy.

Also make sure you check if the policy covers children to travel with other family members. The best policies will provide this.


What You Should Look For…

Most people compare on price but this really is a case of you get what you pay for. Insurance is a payment against a risk so the more you pay the more you are mitigating against the cost of that risk, so make sure you compare the elements of the cover rather than just going on price.

When making any price comparison it’s also important to balance the premium with the excess, as low premiums nearly always come with high excess and vice versa.

Check to see what activities are covered in the policy and look for additional extras to cover that family rafting activity that you had planned. Realising too late will cost you far more than the extra premium.

If you have pre-existing conditions these must be declared. It’s tempting not to do this to gain the lower premium but it can render the policy void should you need to make a claim and the condition is declared at that point. It just isn’t worth the cost.

Check the cancellation details of the policy itself. Many have a 14 day cooling off period but check these as having a policy that you no longer need or doesn’t fully cover you will cost you money.


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