The End Of An Era: No More Orange Wednesday’s

The End Of An Era: No More Orange Wednesday’s

As was widely reported last week, EE – the company that now owns both Orange & T-Mobile networks – has announced that the decade long promotion will be coming to a close on February 25th 2015.

Along with the cinema offer the announcement was also made that the 2for1 offer at PizzaExpress would also be ending on the same date.

However, customers need not despair. The company has hinted at a new entertainment deal that will likely be extended to T-Mobile customers as well – something that Orange Wednesday’s never did even after the merger of the two networks.

In addition, in might not be the end of the cinema deal either – this could well be picked up by another company and there are rumours that this is being looked at by so watch this space.


Why End It?

EE have suggested that viewing habits of it’s customers have changed over the last 10 year, as well as the brand evolving. That’s why the provider is looking into a new entertainment deal


Get It While You Can!

You can still text FILM to 241 if you are a current Orange customer as well as using the available app. You’ll then receive a code (at the cost of 35p, nothing is free) that you can display at participating cinemas & PizzaExpress restaurants.


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