The “Mini Power”, a vitamin for your Smartphone

The “Mini Power”, a vitamin for your Smartphone

It is sometimes quite hard to keep your smartphone charged all through the day. You’ve got to check it’s 100 % loaded when you leave home, and depending on how fast it runs out, you’ve got to have your charger on you and be close to a power socket.

Designer Tsung Chih-Hsien has created a solution, namely the Mini Power. It is a Red Dot Design Award-winning concept for a tiny cardboard capsule that could juice up your phone. There are three different choices of capsules (two, four, or six hours) depending on how much battery time you need.

Tsung’s recyclable design, which he also foresees being purchased at convenience stores, avoids the plastic of most disposable batteries, which not only makes the battery a little more environmentally friendly, but also needs less packaging. Since each Mini Power battery can just be taken off a perforated sheet, you could potentially buy them in bulk that way.

Unfortunately the tiny battery inside each capsule poses as a problem for disposal but Tsung is quoted saying it can also be recycled by dropping it off at the same store you bought it from.

We’re predicting it’s going to be the joyful little vitamin of many, if it gets rolled out in future.



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