The Top Seven Wood Pellet Boilers Reviewed

The Top Seven Wood Pellet Boilers Reviewed

Thinking of changing to a wood pellet boiler? But need some advice on which boiler will best suit your needs? Then have a read of the reviews below……

1. Froling – P4

Austrian company Froling is recognised throughout Europe as one of the trend-setters in wood heating technology.  The multi-award winning P4 wood pellet boiler is exceptional for its energy maximisation, convenience and flexibility.  The P4 comes in a range of sizes, making it suitable for single family houses, multiple family houses, low energy houses and businesses, even where the energy requirements might be fairly considerable, such as garden centres, factories and schools.  Where the energy demand is high, several P4 boilers can be interconnected in a ‘cascade’.


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Notable features include:

–          Fully automatic, including self cleaning and feeding in of pellets at the optimum rate;

–          Can be integrated with other areas of energy production such as solar-thermal panels;

–          Can be connected to any heating system;

–          Need to empty the ash bin is infrequent;

–          Easy to use operating menu; can also be controlled via a console or via your phone, allowing off-site monitoring and adjustment of control settings.

–          Flexible fuel storage options (with even an underground tank can be fitted if lack of space available for the pellets);

–          Integrated sound insulation

–          Ease of use.  An emphasis on ‘unpack and plug in’, making the installation exceptionally straightforward and fast.

–          Unique safety concepts;


2. The Guntamatic Biostar

Guntamatic’s pellet boilers range from those that are suitable for low-energy and passive houses (including innovative, wall-mounted models) to large industrial units.  As with several of the other makes in this list, it can be combined with other renewable heating technology, such as solar-thermal.

The Biostar 12/15/23 is unique in its low temperature boiler which offers the maximum efficiency and convenience, as well as durability.

biostar guntamatic

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Notable features include:

–          Bimodular combustion from 3KW to 23KW;

–          The flame adjusts to the heating demand, ensuring very high efficiency;

–          Patented feature of low temperature without condensate;

–          Fully automatic in all the cutting-edge ways (clear menu prompts, self-cleaning, self-controlled air-intake)


3. OkoFEN – Pellematic Plus

Austrian company OkoFEN specialises in and make only wood pellet boilers.  Their innovative technologies have won multiple international awards.  The Pellematic Plus is 102.8% efficient due to the condensing technology which feeds waste heat from the flue back into the heating system, saving 15% on heating costs.


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Other notable features include:

–          the award-winning Peletronic Touch heating controller, ergonomically-designed and allowing you to monitor and control your system from afar;

–          Flexibility for storage options (including the ability for the whole system to be sited in a outside in a specially built Energy Box, if required);

–          Integrated ash compression: the compact ash box in which the compressed ash is 100% dust free; automatic notification when the ash box is almost full;

–          Attractive design available in four different colours


4. Palazzetti – Lola Wood Pellet Stove (Ecofire 6kw)

If you’re looking for a wood pellet boiler that stands in your sitting room, where beauty is combined with energy efficiency and automatic controls, then the Palazetti range is well worth a look.  The Palazetti company is a family-run business based in Northern Italy and their range of beautiful stoves and smaller boilers, suitable for domestic use, typify the emphasis on style and beauty that you might expect from Italy, but also incorporates state of the art technology, including:

–          Ability to switch itself on and off, according to when heat is needed;

–          automatic ignition

–          automatically adjusts from low to high heat output, as required;

–          room heating, central heating and hot water combined.


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The Palazetti range is MCS certified.  If choosing a stove with a back-boiler, make sure it is MCS certified in order to claim the RHI payment.  Not all stoves with back-boilers have this accreditation.


5. Palazetti – Lola Wood Pellet Stove

This is a stove, rather than a boiler, but is perhaps worth including in the list as a great example of pellet-fired heating for just one room, for those who are just looking for a secondary source of heating/have alternative arrangements for hot water.  This wood pellet stove recently won the Design Plus Award that is given to products in recognition of their innovative design, energy efficiency and sustainability.  It is an ideal stove for a sitting room where its minimalist design with panoramic glass panel to enjoy the visuals of the fire, are combined with the following features:

–          94% efficiency;

–          Silent;

–          Automatic feed;

–          Combustion control


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6. Klover Diva Wood Pellet Boiler Stove

Another wood pellet boiler stove that is suitable for your living area is the Klover Diva.  As with the Palazatti range, it combines aesthetics with the ability to heat an entire house (via the radiators) as well as providing the domestic hot water needs.  All this, combined with its automated benefits, make it an attractive choice for those with a well-insulated medium to large house.


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Notable features include:

–          12 kw output to the radiators and domestic hot water and 2.8 kw to the rooms;

–          Built-in pellet hopper;

–          Ability to light itself when heat needed and to switch itself off when required temperature is reached;

–          MCS certified.


7. Winhager – Biowin Cascade

Winhager is a leading manufacturer of wood pellet boilers in Austria whose brand name is synonymous with quality.  All of their range incorporates the latest technologies.

So, just to pick out an example from the range, the Biowin Cascade is formed of two or more boilers that are connected side-by-side, allowing for large but varying needs in energy outputs, so is an excellent choice for schools, farms, hotels and district heating systems. The output (anywhere between 6.5 to 180kW) modulates to match the energy requirements so that maximum efficiencies are achieved.  The system can sense when one of the boilers no longer needs to run and it will be automatically switched off.  The advantage is having it there on standby, for when the energy demand increases again.


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The pellets can be stored up to twenty-five metres away and are suctioned through pipes into the hopper.  If there are issues with storage of either the plant or the fuel, a purpose-built Bio-cabin can be installed.


If you would like more information on biomass boilers, visit


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