There’s An App For That: Christmas Apps To Save You Time & Effort

There’s An App For That: Christmas Apps To Save You Time & Effort

It will come as no surprise that there are a multitude of apps available to lend a helping hand this Christmas, but which to choose? Or rather, which really go the extra mile to make life as easy as possible? We’ve detailed a few of our favourites from this Christmas below…there’s still time you know…


TaskRabbit (iOS & Android)

Not a Christmas special but an app that can deliver this time of year. Essentially you purchase a ‘tasker’ from £11 – that’s a real person by the way – and give them a brief of what you need. Setting Christmas shopping as their task and giving them a few pointers such as time frame, budget and location and before you know it you’ll have the gifts you require ready to purchase.

Once purchased you can also ask your ‘tasker’ to wrap the presents, avoiding that last minute wrestle between paper and sticky tape. But this isn’t limited to remote tasks – your ‘tasker’ can also not only deliver the presents if required, but also come and help decorate your house. And this isn’t a joke.

Finally, when you remember that you’ve been given the responsibility of arranging the office drinks, your tasker can sort this as well! This isn’t so much an app, as a personal genie that (so far as we tested) does whatever you want (for a fee)


Hello Fresh

If you have put your hat into the ring to do the cooking on Christmas Day but you’ve never actually done this type of thing before, Hello Fresh is a helpful app that compliments a weekly delivery of ingredients for some of the more popular Christmas dishes. The instructions from the app give you a clear a path to culinary perfection and as the saying goes, practice makes perfect. No more experimenting on the day, or taking the blame for ruining Christmas with dry veg.


Eat First (iOS only)

If you don’t even want to cook, consider this app that can order freshly made Christmas lunch in individual portions so you can enjoy without even turning on the oven. It won’t do for a party of 16 (we think!) but if it’s small numbers and you really can’t cook, it could be the answer!


Handy (iOS only)

When it comes to cleaning, we all know that the Christmas clean is like no other. Things get moved, stuff gets lifted up, and corners that nobody will see get the full treatment. Organise all these additional chores with Handym with the additional functionality of booking a nearby cleaner to lend a hand!


Go Fantastic (iOS only)

A similar app to Handy, but specialises in more heavy duty cleaning needs such as carpet stains.


ZipJet (iOS & Android)

An app that is available all year around but comes into it’s own over the hectic Christmas period. The clothes cleaning service will collect your clothes and returns them washed & ironed when it suits you, and they even thank you with a brownie. Few things beat a brownie thank you.


Urban Massage (iOS only)

Once all the hard work is done treat yourself to a home visit masseuse. Why visit the spa when the spa can visit you? At £65 it can be viewed as a luxury or as great value – it all depends on how stressed you are…!


All Apps are currently only available in the London area


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