There’s An App For That: Time Is Money 

There’s An App For That: Time Is Money 

Well technically this is a Chrome extension rather than a traditional app, but nonetheless, offers some useful info.
Essentially this plug-in calculates how long in terms of minutes and hours you would need to work to afford a particular item. For example, that new bike is going to take you months before you can afford it!

All the extension needs is your estimated hourly rate and so there’s no more personal information to divulge. You can either enter an hourly rate or annual income, and it uses all major currencies.

Once installed, all you need to do is click the toolbar and the extension will convert all prices displayed into hours and minutes required to work to deliver the cash – depressingly long in nearly all cases!

The only real shortcoming on this admittedly simple extension is that it assumes you have 100% disposable income and pay no taxes, so is pretty much redundant from the off.

However, one interesting variation on this could be an estimated saving rate rather than payment – perhaps how much money you aim to save in a year and therefore how much time you’d need to work to accrue that saving.

Otherwise it’s a bit of fun, along with a reminder that what we spend compared to how long we took to earn it can sometimes be staggering.



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