Top Savvy Family Apps for iOS & Android

Top Savvy Family Apps for iOS & Android

Here at CallmeSavvy we like to trawl through the App & Android stores to provide you with some of the more interesting apps available that can save you time, money or stress (yet to find one that can do all three but we don’t give up easily) This week we’ve got some apps to assist the family from the very young to university leavers, as well as a couple to help you plan all that free time you’ll have once they leave the nest at 32.

ScratchJr (Free)

Coding for kids might sound daunting to some of us but rest assured the gaming element intertwined with learning on this wonderful app will quickly put your mind at ease. It’s aimed at the 5-7 year old market and allows kids to create stories by linking up different blocks of code. When I was a kid we did this by writing a line of a story on a piece of paper, folding it over, and then passing it around to the next kid to write their line. We didn’t realise at the time that we’d just written the script for Lost but times have changed, and this is the digital leader for iPad.

Tynker Premium (£2.93)

If you have an Android device though don’t feel left out as this is the child programming solution for you. A bit more learning involved than the ScratchJnr app for iPad and this can be taken as a good or bad thing depending on the enthusiasm of your issue. There are more puzzle based activities but it still has the open play section for wild imaginations to take their course.

ChoreMonster (Free)

Either way, once the kids have spent more time than they should have creating the next HBO blockbuster, it’s time for them to help pay you back and get in on the housework. This app not only allows you to delegate responsibilities but also set rewards for helping with the chores. Tick them off one by one while you supervise/check the sofa is in full working order. Only on Android.

Timeful (Free)

Branded as an “Intelligent Time Assistant” the apps claims to learn your daily habits, both work and play, to advise you as to when would be the best time to complete both to-do task list and everyday calendar appointments. Sync’s well with all main calendars and is available on iPhone only.

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