Top Tips For Keeping Warm This Winter

Top Tips For Keeping Warm This Winter

With the recent snow and forecasted low temperatures this week why not take a look at some of our top tips to keeping warm when it gets cold.


Get Yourself Warm First

OK, so this sounds like the obvious answer to all chilly conundrums. Essentially though before you start thinking about turning up the heating or putting the fire on, remember that an extra layer is going to warm you up faster and better (and cheaper!) than any heating solution.



Get Your Hats On!

We all recognise the advise that most of the heat you lose comes from your head but few of us really take any notice. Aside from the fact that you are just as likely to lose as much heat from your feet than from your head, it does make a difference if you cover your head to keep warm.



Get Your Fans On

If you have ceiling fans you can run them in reverse so that they push air up initially, which will then push the risen warm air back down. You can also purchase convection fans that are designed to push warm air around a room rather than blow cold air at you in the summer.



Get The Cold Tap On

Yep, we mean cold. The warm water in the shower will warm you up of course, but if you switch to cold and back to warm a few times you’ll soon realise that you didn’t need the shower that hot in the first place. Additionally you’ll improve circulation and improve your immune system, so turn that tap on!



Get Your Draught Excluders Down

You don’t even need to have a recognisable draught to benefit from the use of an excluder. Any gap between the door and the floor will let cold air in, so blocking this will really improve the temperature in the room. There are plenty of stylish and fun excluders out there so no need to be put off by memories of your great aunt’s fox hair sausage that used to make you itch when you touched it.



Get A Programmable Thermostat

Again it sounds obvious but being able to regulate the temperature of your home at different times of day to keep you constantly protected from the cold outside.



Get Your Thermostat Thinking

Most thermostats operate by measuring the temperature in one room and controlling the rest of the heating based on that. If you can, make the room with the thermometer in colder than the rest of the house and it will trick the heating into working harder. This is also a great trick in reverse for the summer!



Get Your Windows Dressed

Remember that like your head, your windows will leak heat. The thicker the curtains the better the fit, the less warmth you’ll lose through them.



Get Baking

Not only does baking warm the kitchen up, getting people round to eat the fruits of your labour will also warm the place up. Free heat and great food, what a winner!



Get Layered

If you want an extra thick blanket on your bed at night to keep you warm, don’t fall into the trap of putting just it on the top. The thickest layer should be closest to you, so if this is the thick blanket, get it on as the first layer.




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