Turn Off To Save Energy

Turn Off To Save Energy

We’re all guilty of leaving plenty of our appliances on standby rather than turn off, but this could be costing us around £80 per year in wasted energy. So just turning off could save you a bit of cash, so here’s some helpful advice on reducing the amount you’re wasting.


The Worst Offenders

Any electrical device will waste energy but some are worse than others – here are some facts;

Households waste a staggering £227m a year leaving appliances on standby

76% of households leave appliances on standby with 38% admitting they do this all the time.

Mobile phone chargers account for £28.9m of the total – over 10%.

Households are most likely to leave on TV’s (98%) Set Top Boxes (86%) and phone chargers (98%)…

…Even though 81% of people know that turning off at the mains is the only way to be sure no energy is being used…

…And 24% say they use standby simply because they can’t be bothered to switch off at the mains!

Other culprits are stereos and games consoles – the latter being particularly bad as they remain in idle mode the entire time they are not being used, taking nearly as much power than when they are being used.

With the exception of most set-top boxes which require a constant connection to a network, every electronic device should be switched at the main when not in use. If you plug everything that requires switch-off into one extension then they can all be turned off from the mains in one go.

Don’t be fooled by your computer screen saver – it isn’t saving any energy behind there. Better to switch to a power saving mode after 10 minutes of inactivity, as this uses only a few watts when active. You should still shut down and switch off when you’ve finished though, as well as all printers, scanners etc also plugged in – again, try putting them all on one switch for easy turn-off.

Laptops and mobiles are main culprits not because they take so much energy but because we over charge them so much. They only take a couple of hours to charge from empty so try charging them during the day, but never overnight.


Breaking The Habit

There a few helpful pieces of technology that can help you break the standby habit. Consider a remote control device that can turn off all appliances when you leave the house (these do exist!) or intelligent energy saving plugs that turn off multiple devices at the same time. If you do use multiple socket extension lead though do look for one with surge protection to prevent surge.


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