What do we know so far about the iPad Air 2?

What do we know so far about the iPad Air 2?

While much has been discussed on the rumour mills about the iPhone 6, the next product on launch list will certainly be the iPad Air 2, probably towards the end of the year. So here we’ve collected the most likely rumours from around the web to get those imaginations running wild!

1 – Silence is Golden: Leaked snaps from China suggest that a gold version is in the offering. People didn’t think there’d be a gold iPhone but lo and behold there was a champagne version in the end, so this could be a dead cert come launch time.

2 – Touch ID: Another leaked snap recently showed a touch ID button rather than the traditional Home button. This makes sense as Apple have already commented on their desire to up their security offering from the iPhone 5 and why wouldn’t they include the iPad 2 in those plans?

3 – Better Sound: The leaked gold snaps also showed us that the speaker grille now takes up most of the bottom of the unit, almost certainly leading to better sound. What with the moves on Beats by Dre recently, again this rumour makes complete sense.

4 – Speedier: The recent agreement by Apple & Samsung to agree to disagree and say no more about it could have something to do with the new A8 processor rumoured to be inside the new tablet. This would make it one of the most powerful tablets on the market even though it will likely be capped to 2Ghz.

5 – Ready for Xmas: The money men seem to think that Q3 is nailed on but with the iPhone 6 heavily rumoured to be launched in September, then we think this will be one too many products at the same time. More likely would be November which would co-incidentally mean they’d hit the shelves for Christmas…


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