Why Don’t People Steal Wood Pellets?

Why Don’t People Steal Wood Pellets?

If the pellets have been loaded into a storage hopper, then they will be very difficult to access and steal.  Also, as wood pellet boilers have to be within a building (either the house or a sufficiently dry outbuilding) security measures can be put in place, such as suitable locks, which is not the case with an outside oil tank or LPG tank, where the fuel can be siphoned off.  As oil has spiked in price, so it is perceived more and more as ‘black gold’ and outside oil and LPG tanks are targeted by thieves.

However, how vulnerable are bags of pellets to being stolen?  Even if access was gained to the storage area, wood pellets, while not as bulky as logs, would still be quite heavy to move.  Unless they remain intact in their water-proof packaging they could become useless – if the pellets are exposed to moisture, they will ‘fluff up’ and become unusable as fuel.  Also, the wood pellets would only be of use if the person stealing it had a wood pellet biomass boiler (or a lot of pets and wanted to use it for pet litter!)  It is unlikely there is a black market for wood pellets.  Consumers need to be assured of the source and quality of the pellets – otherwise it could cause problems with their biomass boiler – an expensive resource that they have invested in.  Now that recipients of the Government’s RHI payment will need to show the source of their pellets, i.e. to prove that they are from the Biomass Suppliers List, wood pellets that are of unknown origin will further lose their value.

On the whole, those who have invested in renewable energy technologies probably aren’t the kind of people looking for bargains on the black market and wouldn’t want to participate in robbing their fellow eco-citizens!


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